magic & manners under the wire

I forgot to post the 12th chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS at the Patreon page on Wednesday! Or at least, I forgot on Wednesday my time, BUT IT IS STILL WEDNESDAY IN ALASKA AND HAWAII SO I HAVE MADE IT WHEW

For those still considering the Patreon campaign (or, I admit, not considering it; that’s okay too), the first 6 chapters of MAGIC & MANNERS are now available to read for free!

Honestly, if I had about a 3 week solid run on this book I’m pretty sure I’d just bang it out and get it finished. It’s way, way fun to write. :)


  1. I believe in supporting authors that I like. No problem there. I do not like reading a book piece meal. I want to get into a tale and sit down read. My question is whether Magic and Manners will ever be available as a complete book ???

    1. Yes! Around this time next year, I think, if all goes well. Everybody who subscribes to the Patreon project will automatically get a copy of the complete book, and it’ll be made available for sale to the general public after that. :)

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