Went to yoga tonight! Yay!

I enjoyed the class a lot. I expect I’ll be sore, tomorrow. I don’t know if Ted enjoyed it as much as I did, but I noticed a few times that he was surprisingly graceful.

I’m thinking of going to Play It Again Sports and getting some 10 pound weights to do weight lifting workouts at home with. This is … I mean, I prefer going to the gym, but I’m going to the gym and swimming right now and I haven’t got it together enough to go to the gym more than once a day; hell, going once a day is a new and unusual event for me, but I’d like to do some weight lifting, too. The other thing I’d kind of want is a bench, but I don’t know where I’d *put* it. The living room seems awfully… exposed. :)

OTOH, it’s not like I don’t have the house to myself most days of the week for at least several hours a day.

Anyway, 10# weights aren’t that much, but I suspect myself of great wussiness at the moment, so they’re probably about what I could handle. Besides, I could always buy more later.


Tired, tired Kitling this morning. This swimming thing, expenditure of energy. Tires a person right out.

Not even enough brain to write anything, apparently. Heh. :)

Mom’s going to Ireland! In two weeks, for two weeks, with her brother Packy! Lucky Mom!

All I really objected to was the leap from me not particularly minding to the fact that Quidditch scoring makes no sense to “. . . the best way to put it is that if Kit were to write SF, she would not write hard SF.” What the one has to do with the other seems to me to be up there with what my last name has to do with my husband’s for insurance purposes.

I will grant you that I’m not wildly *inclined* to write hard SF, but then, neither is anybody else in this . . . discussion.

Read Image’s post for a non-vitriolic explanation of what I’m talking about. Or don’t. Don’t is probably better for your sanity.