Unsurprisingly, on the Alice in Wonderland test, i’m the Cheshire Cat:

You’re the epitome of insane. Either you’re very smart, or you’re too damn stupid. The world is your playground, and everything — and everyone — in it is a toy for you to play with. People should be scared of you, but because you’re so affable, they aren’t. Tough for them.

Well. I was just incredibly rude to a student loan collector person who called and who was then both polite and helpful. Don’t I feel like an asshole. They’re apparently finally putting together a remittance program for people like us who have gotten horribly behind in their payments so the balance is written up as current, and they’ll put us on the list to be included in the program.


Oop. I had a little bookstore accident. I went in looking for an Anne Perry book, and they didn’t have it, so I ended up with three Ian Rankin books and a … book by somebody else. And oh, yeah: a book of ice cream recipes. Now, this was all at the used bookstore and it was all on credit and we still have over $200 worth of credit, so it was hardly an accident at all!

I’ve just caused all my friends to edge away from me nervously by admitting to liking Britney Spears.

I am CONSPIRED against! Conspired against by ANGIE and EMILY and SARAH and by my VERY OWN HUSBAND!

I can’t put it better than they did, though:

Sarah: See, we’ve received advance notice that there will be a large gathering in the south of the state known as California, sometime early in February.

Emily: And, there’s word that there will be music and dancing and good food.

Angie: and i’ve heard something about this strange white-haired boy, though that probably doesn’t mean anything to you.

Sarah: And seeing how there is only ONE (1) SuperKit who could figure out who this strange white-haired boy might be, we at the Agency have decided that it’s imperative that she travel south from the land of snow and ice and investigate first-hand.

Emily: But, knowing that she is loyal to her duties in the land of snow and ice, we determined that it would not be a simple matter of telling her of this investigative opportunity. There would need to be more … incentive.

Angie: so the agency members rifled their pockets and hatched dire plots, involving satellite agencies, to determine the best way to have the best agent check out the situation.

Sarah: It wasn’t easy, we can guarantee you that! Several of our agents barely escaped with their lives. They’re telling harrowing stories in the debriefing. But, we’ve come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Angie: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to climb aboard a 12:40am flight on february the 8th, 2002, and journey to sacramento, california. there, you will meet with local agents, and travel to the wilds of los angeles. there is a time limit on this mission, in that you must return to your own land on february the 11th, at 1:15pm. this message will turn into glitter in five seconds.

And *TED* told them when I should come and go, apparently. *flails around* I am CONSPIRED against!

I have awfully good friends. And an even better husband, who lets me go flitting off to far ends of the earth. Boy, do I owe him something nice.

Oh, for pity’s sake, my HR is at it again. Well, okay, it’s payroll, this time.

Back around the 7th, I thought I got a Christmas bonus. Well, I didn’t. What I got was 6 or 7 months worth of California state taxes.

Except they paid me too much. By like $500.

So this paycheck they gave me $500 less.

Only they deposited 3.5x that ‘$500 less’ amount into my checking account.

And then they sent me an extra $1800 paycheck.

And now they want $3100 back.

Fortunately, the $1800 turns out to be Extremely Close to my vacation payout (off by like $15), and so instead of cutting me another check for my vacation payout, they’re writing that $1800 down as vacation pay. Since I thought that was my paycheck in the first place, I never wrote any other deposits down, so there’s this $4400 in the checking account that I didn’t know about. $1300 of that is the reduced paycheck that’s the result of them screwing up the back taxes paycheck earlier in December. The rest of it has to go back to my employers.

*I* think that if they screwed up, they should just give me the extra money.

The good news, however, is that they don’t want any money that’s already been spent back. I was pretty worried for a few minutes there. Gaaaah. *GAAAAH*.

I am not having a good back morning. In fact, I’m having pain. I dunno if this is from sleeping poorly or if there’s a larger issue, but I don’t like it at all. :P I need to get my portly ass to the gym and lose some weight. Ow.