Happy New Year!

Man, I woke up late this morning to the heavenly smells of turkey roasting and stuffing cooking and *wow* does it smell good in this here house.

2002, for heaven’s sake. How did that happen? (I know, I know, the regular progression of numbers and seasons one after the other, but you know that’s not what I mean.) I need to put a new calendar up. I need to eat breakfast, too. Hm. Maybe I’ll go do that. Happy New Year!

I have read 159 books this year, an average of 3 a week, which is a whole book more a week than my stated goal. Pretty cool. :)

Did I mention we have a 19 pound turkey? Shaun’s work gave him a turkey, and he thought it was a 12 pound turkey, and we never looked, and yesterday we took it out to thaw to cook it tomorrow, and it was a NINETEEN pound turkey. That is a LOT of turkey.

Ahem. That was apropos of nothing. Um. I seem to not be typing in this window, so I think I’ll post this and worry about writing more later. :)

Michael Greyeyes is the guy I’d like to see play Dominic. He’s SIX TWO! *slobber*

I have just roasted a couple of marshmallows over a candle flame. This is actually more difficult than it looks. Furthermore, *gaaaaack*, talk about SWEET. I got four and toasted two and that was MORE than enough. *staggers around in sugar shock*