This morning, at a quarter to ten, the doorbell rang, and delivered Christmas presents! Woot! There were foodthings and flannel jammies and an electric griddle and a HUNDRED DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO WALDENBOOKS from Ted’s parents, and glitter-filled cards from Angie and *ooooh* a Lawrence Yep version of Beauty and the Beast called The Dragon Prince, and another Beauty and the Beast book by … I’ll have to go look. Called Beast, and it’s about the Beast before Beauty met him, and I’m so jazzed! They are very excellent presents!

(Beauty and the Beast, you see, is my very favorite of all the fairy tales. Has been since I was a kid. Angie thought these were an appropriately Kit-themed Christmas present, and she was very right! *wriggle wriggle wriggle*!)

And and and! I will go get my hairs cut in a few hours, and and and then we will go spend our gift certificate and and and then we will go to a Christmas party, and and and other good stuff too! Yeah! Yeah!


There was lunching with Lizards and Jais today! We went to the Bear Tooth and had burrito things, and *wow* does Liz look fantastic. She’s down to her high school weight and seems really happy. Yay! So it was a lot of fun. *beam*

And tomorrow night her family is having a Christmas party to which we are invited and should go!

Oh, I forgot to mention the weirdly alarming dream I had this morning wherein … well, it was complicated, but one of the particularly weird bits was that I seemed to be having a love child with Miss Parker, from The Pretender. Later she turned into Buffy, but we still had a two year old girl child. It was extremely bizarre.

I also dreamed that my cousin Rory was terribly swamped and that I swam out to rescue him, which made me feel like I should email him when I woke up, so I did, and indeed, finals at law school end next week, and he says, “Your dream is my nightmare. I am swamped with work.”

I also dreamed about my Uncle Hughie, who died in March. He was sad. It’s the first time I’ve ever dreamed about one of my dead friends or relatives and they’ve been sad. I think he missed us. I don’t think he was ready to die.

Well, Anthem launched (you don’t have to go look, it’s not very exciting. pretty, though), against all odds. My coworker Barbara (whose page I would like to if I knew where/if it existed (I suppose I could ask her, couldn’t I?) (ah, here we go:, although Babs says it’s a mess)) is to be vastly commended, for she did the whole damned site in under three weeks, bug fixes and all.

I think I’m going to lunch today with Jai and maybe Liz. That’ll be nice. :)

I wish I knew what the hell was going on with my email. It’s — sure, now that I’ve said that, it appears that the address is working pretty well, and it appeared that was also getting to me. Nevermind. o.O

anyway! My address is going away as of Saturday! Do not use it anymore! Email me at! Thank you, and goodnight!

My first usenet post:


Subject: ElfQuest

Newsgroup: rec.arts.comics

Date: 1991-03-11 23:18:05 PST

I just went through the entire list of titles in the rec.comic thinger, and from that, I must assume there are no other screaming ElfQuest fans running around. I’m not a big comic reader, although I pick them up sometimes – ElfQuest is my downfall. Is there anyone else out there who’s with me????

I cringe, or something. :) There are simply some things that should not be recorded for posterity. :)