YAAAAAAAAAY! We have achieved victory over the Greysoft/Greymatter template system! It isn’t quite perfect, but it’s pretty close, and it allows me to do comments and apparently will permit me to do full-month archives, so I believe my backissues setup is mostly safe … although I’m going to need to do something about the actual placement of files, because otherwise I’ll end up with hundreds of thousands of files living in my backissues directory, which I don’t actually want.

This is probably not how I was supposed to be spending my work day. Heh.

In other good news, Ted tested for and successfully gained his first belt in Shoshinryu, one of the martial arts he’s studying, on Saturday. Yay Ted!

Well, frell. I guess this is going to have to do. I can’t swing the look I want, but I think that using the spelt-out DECEMBER 10, 2001 thing makes it look a little better than having the 12.10.01. Helps the balance some, or something. There are some other things that seem bearable (Noah Grey’s setup is nice), but I think doing it would require something of a redesign of my page… again. *crossed eyes*

The cats are sleeping with their arms all around each other. They’re so cute it’s disgusting. Speaking of which, I took some photos I need to upload (one of them if of the cats).

Okay, posting this now and seeing if I can make the comments feature work. I dunno why it’s not working. And it’s the whole POINT. sulk.

Bother, said Pooh, this isn’t working quite how I wanted it to.

Actually, it’s working pretty beautifully, except I can’t figure out how to make the date/timestamp/entry spacing look Just Like it does on my non-blogger page, and, well, I *like* my format. Darn it. o.o

this is a test of the emergency weblogging system. this is only a test. if this was real, it’d be on the front page. *blink*