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I went off this afternoon to write and meet up with a friend, and accomplished some 3750 words before our meeting. I was pretty sure I’d broken through the Novelist’s Event Horizon, and thought maybe if I went back to write a little more, I could finish MAGIC & MANNERS sometime tomorrow. So I went […]

I don’t know what’s going to come first on this book, 120K or the end. I suspect 120K, as I’m at 113.4 or something now and I have at least two chapters before I can get to the wrap-up, so yeah. Still, I’ve cracked 60K for the year and have had pancakes for dinner, so […]

A common symptom of a writer at work: vacillating between being confident I can bring this book in at 100K and being sure I can’t. On one hand, I’m feeling like if I’m not careful, MAGIC & MANNERS is going to end up *longer* than PRIDE & PREJUDICE. It certainly is if I keep following […]

I forgot to post the 12th chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS at the Patreon page on Wednesday! Or at least, I forgot on Wednesday my time, BUT IT IS STILL WEDNESDAY IN ALASKA AND HAWAII SO I HAVE MADE IT WHEW For those still considering the Patreon campaign (or, I admit, not considering it; that’s […]

Are you a MAGIC & MANNERS Patron patron? Chapter 6 just went live for you! I’ll begin posting chapters on the mizkit website in about six weeks, so Patreon supporters will get to read the story before anyone else, as well as getting a complete copy of the e-book when it’s done! Head on over, […]