I brought a cake to the butcher today, as promised a few months ago. :) Luckily for me, the man who’d asked for it originally was there, and I said if he didn’t mind, I needed a moment of his time. He said “You’ve my full attention!” So I said to him that a few […]

We went shopping this morning to find some light bulbs, and on the way discovered a new farmer’s market! They’ve green grocers and a butcher and a breadmaker and a cheesemonger and a chocolatiere and people selling Italian sauces and Indian sauces and jams and wine and olives and fresh local milk! And other things […]

It is five hours to the book launch/signing. I have baked lemon cupcakes, brownie cupcakes, and about fourteen dozen cookies, with more to go. Next time I get the bright idea to make up 4 batches of cookie dough to refrigerate & bake the next day, I need to remember to roll the dough into […]

I stopped at the butcher’s yesterday to get a batch of 18 small eggs, and yer man there said to me, “You know we’ve 20 large ones too?” I allowed as how I did know that, but I preferred the smaller ones for baking. He said, “Oh, do ye bake a lot, do ye?” And […]

Okay, probably not a thousand, but I’m doing an awful lot of baking over the next couple days, in preparation for P-Con! It’s being held at the Irish Writers’ Centre this year, which is awesome in all ways except it does lack a bar/food court, so I’m making around a zillion treats and will put […]