I have awakened upon this, the occasion of my 42nd natal day, with a killer headache. Probably not enough water yesterday. ‪#‎hydrates‬ Yesterday I served up bbq pulled pork, applesause, potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, and baked beans for the family. I made everything except the baked beans, which Mom made. It was all […]

And very excited about it too. Very clear on YESTERDAY he was not yet five, even if we had a birthday party yesterday. (“My birthday celebrated!”) Definitely not five last week when I, being old, started saying he was five. “NOT YET. NOT FOR TWO WEEKS.” (We’re still a little unclear on time. :)) But […]

– make applesauce – make biscuits – make bread – make a birthday cake om nom nom – pack up comics. srsly. – send comics. srsly. – books too. – perhaps go, y’know, get send Ted to buy his own small birthday presents to go with his big one – write. ahahahahah. ahahahahha. hahahahaha. *wipes […]

Happy birthday to ALL my birthday twins! Esmerel and Silkblade and Fahri and, er, desperance’s niece whose name I don’t know, and Novella and Morgan Freeman and Marilyn Monroe and Superman! It’s a good day to be born. :) Today I will make a lemon cake (off sugar or not, I’m not denying myself a […]