Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

We are moving. I am consequently prepared to dump a lot of my author copies of books, and am therefore doing a Postage Sale. You pay postage, I send you a signed copy of the book(s) you ask for. You must respond on this entry at Livejournal or you will not get a book no […]

Having now re-read the book and re-watched both the BBC miniseries and the Kiera Knightley film, I must say… …both productions really did a stupendous job of adapting the novel. Differently, obviously, because the BBC had 6 hours and the film 2, but really, I think they both did really, really well. Huge amounts of […]

Do I think he said it? Probably not. But you know what? Sometimes what could have been is worth more than what is.

We have a baby book called “Time for Christmas”, starring Duck and Goose. It has rather charming paintings, each depicting a wonderful, fun activity–building snow forts, making snow angels, having snowball fights, skating on the frozen pond, sledding, etc– –and the text for every page is “It is NOT time for sledding/skating/building snow forts”, until […]