9am: #ThinksToDo: wrap gifts put tree together hold my head still so snot doesn’t swirl around & make me dizzy work on leah’s comic 10am: so far i’ve: emptied dishwasher cleared wrapping table gotten laundry going fetched wrapping paper located indy’s gifts 11am: have now: wrapped, if not ribboned, indy’s gifts must now: store them […]

So Octocon was great fun. I went into it tired (because i was an IDIOT and i got a new phone on THURSDAY and i couldn’t get it to update properly and i stayed up until TWO IN THE MORNING getting it working right, the day before a weekend-long convention started!) and had a panel […]

This morning as I was doing revisions on the 4th project I’ve worked on this month I had the shocking revelation that I work a lot. I can hear people rolling their eyes at me from all over the world right now, but it actually was a shock. I think it was because it was […]

madly busy day and yet so far i have done none, count ’em, none, of the home-based things i need to do. like: – laundry – attempt naan – clean a bathroom – vacuum – clean the kitchen i did this once why does it need doing again dammit and all of that aside is […]

So far today I have walked, swum, made bread, made applesauce*, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the compost, made lunch, read part of a book, and made a grocery list. I would go shopping if we had any money, but we don’t, so now I’ll just wait for word wars. Oh, and upload pictures to see […]