*sigh* Ann Crispin has publicly announced that she is (to borrow the words of another SF writer earlier this year) very poorly. Her battle with cancer has gone badly, and she’s dying. I’ve actually known this for weeks, having become close with her over the past months and having had the chance to talk to […]

the essential kit

Ah. I have once more totally missed the boat on World Fantasy Award nominations, for which BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER & OTHER TALES OF THE OLD RACES is eligible as a single-author collection for the publication year 2012. Today, as it turns out, is the last day for nominations. If you happen to be a WFC […]

the essential kit

Introducing the third and final part of author Judith Tarr’s inspired rant on the changes in the publishing industry, and the expectations we writers have come to live with and accept. Escape from Stockholm: An Epic Publishing SagaFind Judith Tarr on LiveJournal | on Twitter | & at Book View Cafe Part One | Part […]

the essential kit

Escaping Stockholm: Second in a series of publishing industry essays by author Judith Tarr, about whom the following is all perfectly true: Judith Tarr hates writing bios of herself. She would rather write historical fantasy or historical novels or epic fantasy or the (rather) odd alternate history, or short stories on just about any subject […]

No Dominion

Author Kristin Kathryn Rusch writes about a major change in book distribution and what it potentially means for writers. It’s a really long article. It’s really worth reading. The *exceedingly* short take-away of it is that you may soon be seeing copies of NO DOMINION on bookstore shelves near you…