I have a WHOLE BOX of books! THE QUEEN’S BASTARD has arrived…and wow, is a box full of this book *pretty*. All rich and lush looking. Unfortunately, I have no clever ideas on contests to run, and perhaps more relevantly, no money to send books out with, so I’m not going to be giving books […]

I decided last night that I was going to the gym this morning, but this morning I couldn’t find my gym pass, so I went for a walk instead. On the way back, I saw a little black kitten, maybe 4 months old or so, in one of the parks. Ted and I had seen […]

I am being full-force cuted-upon. Lucy, who helped herself to some kind of leftovers from the roast chicken and ran upstairs to avoid being caught and then sat in a corner licking her chops, has come to sit in my lap and purr and kittybread and stick her head in my elbow to make it […]