Ah! Fernando Granea, one of my Take A Chance artists, sent me this for my birthday! *happy dances*! :) I have got so much comic stuff I want to do. Should be doing. Need to do. In my copious free time. Ai. (Seriously. A Chance-world prequel. A concurrent-to-Chance story. ElectriCity. That girl-and-her-dragon idea from years […]

Media 1: I got my SiP omnibus edition the other day. It came with a signed print, which I didn’t expect, so that was nice. It’s a lovely omnibus. Its low price is explained by it being two softcovers in a slipcase (I’d vaguely assumed it’d be hardcovers). My copy happened to arrive with a […]

Oh! A month or so ago, Ardian Syaf asked me to do a foreword for his sketchbook for the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention, because, as he said, “Considering you’re one of the person who discovered me before Marvel or DC comics did, I think it’s just perfect ” So of course I was […]

the essential kit

– get superman stuff at lidl – get marshmallow fluff at aldi – get stir fry stuff – decide what color to paint young indy’s room get paint – see what kind of inoffensive small carpet can be had for cheap – call about a shed – pack up my office – and the RPGs […]

I’ve been at the Dublin International Comics Expo (AKA DICE), which is Dublin’s rebooted comics convention. Tell ya what, I’m feeling really enthusiastic about making comics now. :) I mean, that’s not unusual, but I’m ready to press on with “Take A Chance” and see what’s going to happen with it as a graphic novel, […]