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Media 1: I got my SiP omnibus edition the other day. It came with a signed print, which I didn’t expect, so that was nice.

It’s a lovely omnibus. Its low price is explained by it being two softcovers in a slipcase (I’d vaguely assumed it’d be hardcovers). My copy happened to arrive with a dinged corner, which is too bad, but not too big a deal.

In my ideal world, it would be 4 oversized (Hellboy Library Edition size) hardbacks, but then, in my ideal world, every graphic novel I own would be of that size. :) I’m definitely pleased to have the entire story in omnibus edition. I’m going to have to read the whole thing front to back now. Yay! :)

Media 2: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH we were being ALL PATIENT and WAITING for s8 SPN to come out on DVD on Sept 10 and yesterday I went down to HMV to buy it and it wasn’t THERE and I ame home and I checked on teh intarwebs and IT DOESN’T COME OUT ON DVD HERE UNTIL NOVEMBER 4 WTF IS THAT ABOUT

I have amazon.com and an all-region DVD player, people. I’m not afraid to use ’em. *scowls*

Media 3: After getting the Chance sketch from Ardian the other day I took a moment to go do a rough price-out on POD for a 100 page graphic novel. The short answer is: unrealistic. POD would run at least $35, nevermind shipping and handling, so…that’s not an option. I mean, not for a 110 or whatever page GN. That’s just too much, I can’t see asking people to pay that. If I was going to do any kind of print run, it would take Kickstarting and … figuring out some kind of real distribution channel, and…it’s feeling much less possible. Especially since even Kickstarting it, for people to buy in to get print copies would probably also be seriously expensive, even before S&H. Again. So argh.

Probably I should just give up on Chance, but I’m not quite there yet. :p

Media 4: I swear we must still be missing a box of books somewhere in this house. Either that or we’ve gotten rid of a box of paperbacks that we really shouldn’t have, which is entirely possible.

Media 5: I’m becoming moderately obsessed with finding out which of my beaten-up paperbacks that I cannot give up can be replaced with hardbacks. Some are modern and easy; others are old and impossible, and a fair swath are middle-aged and difficult-to-impossible. I’m sure I should be putting them on an Amazon wish list for Christmas when I find them, but my impulse is to put them in my shopping basket and click “buy now”… :)

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2 thoughts on “a media post

  1. I may be the only one, but this post was difficult to decipher because I have no idea what SiP, s* SPN, HMV, POD, or GN are abbreviations for.

    (In my defense, I did understand DVD, WTF, and S&H.)

  2. Oh. Heh. The original subject line of this post involved the words “Strangers in Paradise”, causing me to figure people would deduce the later “SiP”, only when I changed the subject line I forgot about the later abbreviation. Sorry!

    SPN is Supernatural. HMV is a local DVD/music/etc shop. POD is Print On Demand and GN is graphic novel. :)

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