Want to know what I’m doing this year? Or at least, what I’m trying to do? Here. Let me tell you! Publishing MAGIC & MANNERS I’m in the very last stages of getting MAGIC & MANNERS out into the world–the last bits (the ISBN bar code, mostly) are being generated for the cover, it’ll be […]

No Dominion

After fighting at her side for over a year, Gary Muldoon must leave shaman Joanne Walker to face a battle only he can win… AVAILABLE NOW!

I don’t typically read reviews, but periodically my editors will send one directly to my mailbox and I read it out of a sense of obligation. Usually they’re nice, because generally my editors wouldn’t bother sending me bad ones. :) So a nice BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER review from Publisher’s Weekly landed in my mailbox, courtesy […]

I couldn’t help myself. I did up the formatting properly and I’m quite happy with it. I’ll have a proof copy printed, and perhaps I’ll do a give-away with it or something once I’ve had a look over it to see what detail work might need fixing. And yay, my ad is up at Bitten […]

I spent most of yesterday (work-time, anyway) turning the ORRSP and Year of Miracles into a POD for my non-e-reader family members. With a few minor exceptions that I may not be able to defeat because I’m using Open Office instead of a Proper Layout Program, I’m quite happy with it. In another life, this […]