compulsive hair disorder

I got a decent haircut yesterday. It’s essentially this one, except my hair’s not actually that long yet, so mostly what matters is the back got brought up short like that. Except not that short because the hairdressers here apparently have a holy terror of using clippers on a woman’s head. Anyway, it’s better. I’ve […]

I got my hair cut yesterday. The result looks something like you might see on a recovering chemo patient. My hair hasn’t been this short since I shaved my head, and shaving my head is a better look. However, shaving it again would mean going through this stage again at some point, because it’s an […]

A while ago I sold my short story “Them Shoes” to Subterranean Press, and it is now up in their Summer magazine! I’m all pleased. :) I haven’t been able to figure out how to start the 5th Walker Papers, despite several attempts. I complained of this last night. Ted said, “Start with a (extremely […]

Well. I went forth to buy some summer clothes today, and spent over two hours shopping, which is my personal idea of hell. Moreover, I didn’t like much and what I did like I couldn’t afford, with the exception of a linen dress which had a broken zipper on the one size that fit me. […]

I stayed very busy today, and yet managed to not actually do the one thing I really should have, which is the grant. I am intimidated by the grant. There’s no reason to be, particularly since Dad’s done most of the heavy lifting on it. But it intimidates me anyway, and so I did ALL […]