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When I peel Christmas oranges I usually manage to get a half or a third of the skin off in one piece. I have, as long as I can remember, then tidily stacked the smaller bits within the larger curve, and then set about eating the orange. It has never struck me as an odd […]

I’ve been on vacation for two weeks. I cannot possibly be stressed. And yet I’ve had the “it’s the last week of college and I’ve realized there’s a class I haven’t attended all semester” dream twice the last few nights, and another canker sore attempted (futilely, thanks to the constant influx of Christmas oranges) to […]

Ted went Christmas shopping in Dublin yesterday, where he says he did not find anything at all that he was looking for for me. On the other hand, he did find the man who sells honey-roasted pecans and cashews and cinnamon-and-sugar-soaked dried apple slices, and this is probably worth the price of admission. Except, of […]

We’re off to Dublin for Comic Con and Christmas shopping. Don’t burn the place down while we’re gone! ytd wordcount: 352,000 miles to Dunharrow: 21.8

So far today I have walked a couple miles, done pilates, had breakfast, taken a shower, started laundry, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the garbages,, done story corrections on the proof pages for “From Russia, with Love”, and read 2 of the 3 stories in A FANTASY MEDLEY which are not mine. It’s possible I’ve now […]