dublin zoo


Young Indiana and I had a positively splendid, utterly exhausting bank holiday weekend while Ted was off gaming. Saturday we defied the not-running trains to go to the zoo (a thing we would not have done if I’d known the trains weren’t running, but I didn’t find out until we got to the train station, […]

Babushka gorilla

Yesterday it was a glorious morning and on the way to preschool Young Indiana said to me, “We should go to the zoo after school on this beautiful day!” That seemed like a very sensible thing to do, so after school I collected him and we hopped on the bus to, er, actually, to go […]

I would like to thank Stephen Amell and the dude in the tinfoil hat for making this happen. #laughs People around here are healing. Ted braved work today and Young Indiana went to school. I wrote 3000 words, which was kind of unexpected. I’ll actually have new MAGIC & MANNERS chapters to post for people […]

Swimming Hippo

Swimming Hippo: the March picture for the 2014 CE Murphy photographic calendar. Hippos are not especially easy creatures to take a cool picture of. They tend too much to looking like giant blobs, whether in the water or out. But I rather liked this one, albeit with a gladness that I was not anywhere near […]