dublin zoo


Tiger: the February picture for the 2014 CE Murphy photographic calendar. I gave several people copies of the calendar for Christmas. Upon seeing this picture, there were gasps of, “How close did you have to get for this picture?!” I was really about three feet away, probably; the tiger was obligingly lying near the glass […]


Not really a great picture of his mantle, but I like the colors of this, and I love greymantle crows. He was watching a bunch of flamingos at the zoo. :)

For Deborah Blake, a couple more pictures of the Abyssinian hornbill and his lady friend: This is the best picture I got of his body, and mostly I was just taking it to give an idea of how dramatically he was preening and tilting himself around for the admiration of this lovely lady: …who was […]

Sea Lion

It’s not easy to get a picture of a diving sea lion when you’ve got to manually focus the heavy lens and keep an eye on a dashing little boy!


We were hoping to get a picture of the new baby rhino at the Dublin Zoo, but although I caught a 2-second glimpse of him, there was not a photo opportunity. But some of the others were helpfully hanging out looking large and rock-like. :)