dublin zoo

the essential kit

We had a busy day out at the zoo, where I concluded that the 18-100mm lens, while much easier to carry (nevermind focus, since it’s got auto-focus and my Big Lens doesn’t), is not really up to the task of Kitsnaps-quality images. The absurd megapixels on the new camera makes up for that to some […]

Zoo Primates

I particularly like this picture of the cousins together at the zoo a few weeks ago. Not so much because it’s Art as because what a bunch of cuties. :)

Baby Bongo at Dublin Zoo

This baby bongo was born last year at Dublin Zoo. I remember the first time I saw the male bongo, whose antlers (horns?) are quite magnificent. He was curled against one of the fences, his head lowered so his mouth was near the ground, and when I looked at him through my camera viewfinder, I […]

Prowling Sumatran tiger at Dublin Zoo

Just in case you were under the impression you might not be lunch. This one I think is really more of a high-quality snapshot than a Kitsnap, which I like to imagine have, like, Artistic Merit, but not everything has to be top shelf, right? Right. I have to figure out some way to reduce […]