Elfquest: The Final Quest, Page 2. And yes, I will be linking to this every week until they’re done with the prologue, because THAT’S HOW I ROLL. Via Neil Gaiman: Wow. One of the actresses in “The Innocence of Muslims” speaks out. Her story is really, really not what you think it would be. Bleeding […]

Guys, guys, BoingBoing is hosting ElfQuest: The Final Quest. It’s the first day and it’s already agonizing. They’re only posting one page a week. A WEEK, for the love of grod. But oh, the art. This is my ElfQuest: it’s not the super-soft painted work of the late nineties and early noughts, it’s not the […]

I do not need these. I don’t even want them, exactly. Except there’s a part of me that’s twelve years old and a die-hard ElfQuest fan, and that part of me wants them *anyway*. (If one of them was Strongbow, well. I wouldn’t be able to resist. But that’s *different*. :)) Horribly sleepy & completely […]