do not want (sort of)

I do not need these. I don’t even want them, exactly. Except there’s a part of me that’s twelve years old and a die-hard ElfQuest fan, and that part of me wants them *anyway*. (If one of them was Strongbow, well. I wouldn’t be able to resist. But that’s *different*. :))

Horribly sleepy & completely uninspired about working. Ptltlthtlbt.

miles to Isengard: 383
ytd miles swum: 23.1


  1. I’ll agree on the Strongbow sentiment. I haven’t talked to a single female ElfQuest fan who didn’t secretly harbor feelings for the strong and silent archer.

    I was always a bit disappointed in those busts, though. Like they didn’t quite capture in three dimensions the magic that is there in two.

  2. Yeah. I’ve never seen any 3-D ElfQuest stuff that didn’t somehow lack. It’s too bad, really. I want them to have the charm of the drawings.

    …the original series drawings, at that. I got less fond of the artwork, particularly by the end of the series. It got too pretty.

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