I am the geekiest geek who ever did geek, and I am going to order this. *clutches heart* Furthermore, I now have to learn how to make the really good little animated icons so I can do an animation of the last few seconds of that. *clutches heart more* I am also the slowest writer […]

Amazon hath delivered unto us its temptations, and now we have *all* the TV to watch. And I haven’t even finished re-watching season 4 Doctor Who! Ok, I have not pushed myself as hard in the writing as I might have done. I finished a chapter and have started another, but I had to stop […] delivered unto me an Email of Temptation this morning, and I was weak: they had the full Buffy collection on sale for pretty cheap. Not the cheapest I’ve ever seen it, but the cheapest I’ve ever seen it on this side of the pond, at least, and I succumbed. And then I had to […]

Back from Dublin, where we had an extremely nice ‘weekend’, ate *way* too much generally excellent food, saw friends, got books signed, signed some books, and spent too much money. Gaiman-related details under the cut, since that’s probably most of what people want to read about anyway. :)

This is a post of many random things. :) First! My friend and co-writer at Magical Words, Misty Massey/, is running a contest in conjunction with the release of her new novel! Go check it out! :) Second, Ted and I are most of the way through 4th season Stargate: Atlantis. And last night we […]