The Dark Knight doesn’t start in stupid Longford until NEXT WEEK! *ded*

…it has been entirely eaten by Doctor Who. I don’t read or write fic, and don’t even *want* to (except those other two Methos novels I’d like to write someday), but damn, I am *totally happy* doing nothing but sitting around thinking about Doctor Who, and admiring the icons people’ve made. I would be perfectly […]

I have remembered that making icons was going to be one of my hobbies. I actually really like making them, even though I’m not nearly the artist some people are. That’s okay. Iron Man icons behind the cut.

I donno if anybody else is a Nine Inch Nails fan, but they’re giving away free digital copies of their new album over at *downloads happily* I shall put my babbling about Iron Man behind a cut, but there is one thing I will say up front which is not a spoiler: ZOH. MAH. […]