It’s amazing how my caloric intake drops like a rock when I stop eating cake/cookies/ice cream/etc. Not unrelatedly, I’m hungry. That’s about all I got tonight. Either yesterday’s hot chocolate offset the OMFG I NEED SUGAR cravings and tomorrow will be hell, or this is going pretty well. And really, tomorrow is my Day In […]

I had both a Sprite and a hot chocolate today, both of which I can fudge as being Not *Food*, but rather *Drink*, but we all know I’m really bending the spirit of the law until it’s sprained, there. I did, however, get my 10K steps in, and kept a calorie count for the second […]

Several of us in these parts have entered a pact, or at least an agreement, to cut sugar from our diets for 30 days. Much of my incentive is that it’s pretty clear I’m gaining weight at exactly the same rate I’m eating junk food, and I’d rather not balloon ALL the way back up […]


Today’s PT session taught me that my calves are the only part of my body not made entirely of knots. PT went after my calves and after she’d done one and was working on the other I was like “Either you’re going a lot easier on my calves than the rest of me, or they’re […]


I went to see the PT again yesterday. I was mentally geared up for another murder session like the first one, and, y’know, she worked me over really well. Softened me up, and then went to really start the heavy duty work on my shoulders and… There’s an Impossible Knot in my left trapezius, which […]