five things make a post

I dropped by the butchers today to ask if they’d liked the cake. They had; yer man who’d asked for it said it had been devoured and they’d all but eaten the tin. Fighting each other off, they were, he said, and he said to the fellow who was getting me my order, “This is […]

Thing One: I hate it when I ask a question and the responses make me think of a really cool idea that’s well beyond my ability to accomplish. Hrmph. Oh well. (The question was “Should ebook covers for related sets of stories match, or does it not matter for epub-only stuff?” The answer appears to […]

Thing One: Last year Laura Anne Gilman wrote a terrific series of essential things for the writer in your life to know. Now she’s compiled them into an e-book, so if you’re looking for the distilled wisdom of a former editor turned novelist, this is the place to go! Thing Two: I have not gotten […]

Gah. Didn’t swim this morning due to an utter failure to wake up. I’ve made up for it by doing forty minutes of combined Pilates, barre work and weights, and later I’ll go for a walk. The Janx & Daisani short story commission closes at 11:59pm Eastern tonight! If you want to be one of […]

…but it wouldn’t be true. I will keep my rants to a minimum, though. Discussion on my earlier post prompted salient commentary elsewhere. Since I went off on a climate change shout-a-thon last week, it seems like I probably ought to link to this petition, encouraging the EPA to support carbon restrictions. It’s my somewhat […]