food does not grow on trees in the land of my people

This morning as I was getting dressed, Young Indiana appeared in the doorway and said in his Confessional Voice (which is slightly tragic and solemn), “Mommy…I have something to tell you. I washed the blood off in the sink all by myself.” Then he proudly displayed his hands, which were red with dried blood, and […]

We have wee little apple blossoms on our apple tree! And a wee small rhubarb popping up! Hooray! Woot! The fifth Walker Papers books has a title! It will be DEMON HUNTS, and I am having a very good time writing it right now. Yay! Dude. You guys came up with some fantastic casting choices […]

See, I told you. Lots of posts. :p (and I am of course typing at the laptop, so either I’m not suffering that much or I’m really stupid.) I thought I’d start the weight loss chat room this coming Sunday, the 5th of April. The most widely agreeable time was ‘open at chat room at […]

We stopped and got a little (although larger than I expected) greenhouse today, and now the chives and coriander have been transplanted into peat pots and put into the greenhouse. Coriander seedlings smell just like coriander. That would be nicer if I liked it. :) But we sure have a lot of it, and I […]

If you haven’t ordered a copy of A FANTASY MEDLEY, which has an Old Races story by me along with stories by Kate Elliott, Robin Hobb and Kelley Armstrong (I still can’t help going ‘one of these things is not like the others’ when I see my name in that lineup), here is an important […]