I love my life. I love that this picture: –oh wait, it has a coise woid on it. I’ll put it behind the cut–

Ted and I went for a walk this morning, and during the walk I said there were a lot of signs of cows being on the path (namely cow flop all over the place), but I’d never /seen/ one, and there were very few places which seemed convenient, even for a none too smart cow, […]

catie: Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to just say, “Screw it, if it doesn’t fit in two suitcases I’m not taking it,” and sort of…start clean. sarah: Me too. catie: I get into the “but well” within about three seconds. sarah: LOL. Me too. :) catie: I’m pretty sure the […]

Forgive me, Pilates, for I have sinned. It has been two, maybe two and a half weeks, since I have worshiped at your altar. I blame Writing; she’s a jealous lover, and I was impressed with myself for remaining your disciple as long as I did. But now I understand the error of my ways. […]

During today’s wars, I became a verb: SharonM: LOL, Cating. Hear no evil, see no evil, yada yada SharonM: Catie — not Cating meerkat: I like ‘Cating.” She is not a Noun, she is a Verb! mizkit: I’ll cate you if you’re not careful! :) SharonM: I know Catie. She COULD be a verb. :D […]