Forgive me, Pilates, for I have sinned. It has been two, maybe two and a half weeks, since I have worshiped at your altar. I blame Writing; she’s a jealous lover, and I was impressed with myself for remaining your disciple as long as I did. But now I understand the error of my ways. […]

During today’s wars, I became a verb: SharonM: LOL, Cating. Hear no evil, see no evil, yada yada SharonM: Catie — not Cating meerkat: I like ‘Cating.” She is not a Noun, she is a Verb! mizkit: I’ll cate you if you’re not careful! :) SharonM: I know Catie. She COULD be a verb. :D […]

Wolverine took in $87 million this weekend, partly in thanks to “an unexpectedly large female audience — nearly 50 percent of the total”. All I can say is: Dude. Hugh Jackman. Liev Schreiber. Taylor Kitsch. Ryan Reynolds. If you build it, we will, ah, come. o.o

Kit: I had a dream that Colin Farrell was an alien. Ted: That…explains absolutely nothing about Colin Farrell. Kit: He was alone and desperately trying to fit in amongst his chosen people. Ted: …the over-sexed Irish?