I was reading an article about cupping (where they put a heated glass bubble on your back & create a vacuum to draw out toxins) which claimed that you only bruise if you have lots of toxins, and that in the worst case scenario the bruises will fade in about five days. If that is […]

4th of July: We went out for Indian dinner to celebrate, on account of Columbus having been looking for India. It was a *really* good meal, yum. Furniture: Our living room furniture, which was not new when we moved in, has devolved to the point that when you sit in it you sink into the […]

Himself and I went to the new Transformers movie tonight. It’s much too long, and filled with considerably more juvenile humor than I remember from the first one. They could’ve cut forty minutes from it and had an explosion-filled film with as much plot as they managed in 2.5 hours, but with a lot less […]

Lucy has decided she prefers eating with company. So she’ll chow down for a bit, but if she notices I’ve left the room, she comes looking for me. If I go back to the kitchen with her, she eats a bunch more. I am so very, very well-trained. I went to see Star Trek for […]