Here’s the really, really, really important part: Gambit didn’t suck! Also, stay through the credits.

I’ve had LA Confidential from (the Irish equivalent of) Netflix for about two months now, and so, because Ted is going off to watch the new Punisher movie, which I’m sure is too violent for me, I’m going to have A Night In. It will involve popcorn and orange juice and hopefully a kitty snuggling […]

Just what you wanted, another post from me, because there’ve been so few of them today. Chance update: it appears that for some reason the files didn’t go to the printer for issue #2. They’ll be sent to the printer at the same time as issue 3, which I gather means they’ll hit the shelves […]

The swim coach was at the pool today. We ended up…racing is not the right word, not really. Keeping up with each other is more accurate. For about 200 meters. Maybe 300, in which case I swam further than I think I did, but I think it was 200. Anyway, he doesn’t do flip-turns, or […]