4th of July: We went out for Indian dinner to celebrate, on account of Columbus having been looking for India. It was a *really* good meal, yum. Furniture: Our living room furniture, which was not new when we moved in, has devolved to the point that when you sit in it you sink into the […]

Himself and I went to the new Transformers movie tonight. It’s much too long, and filled with considerably more juvenile humor than I remember from the first one. They could’ve cut forty minutes from it and had an explosion-filled film with as much plot as they managed in 2.5 hours, but with a lot less […]

Lucy has decided she prefers eating with company. So she’ll chow down for a bit, but if she notices I’ve left the room, she comes looking for me. If I go back to the kitchen with her, she eats a bunch more. I am so very, very well-trained. I went to see Star Trek for […]

Here’s the really, really, really important part: Gambit didn’t suck! Also, stay through the credits.