We have done so much work. And there is so very, very much more to do. However, at this stage, we’ve both collapsed into the couch and there’s not much chance we’re getting up again until bedtime (except actually we need to go make up the bed so that at bedtime we can just drop […]

We are in a state of perpetual moving. This is not unlike a state of perpetual motion, except it’s also not like it. By last night, we both had a thousand mile stare and were beginning to just shove random shit into boxes. Somehow, despite doing this fifty billion times, there kept being more stuff. […]

the essential kit

Keep nothing, they say, that you do not know to be useful or find to be beautiful. I’m in the stage of packing my office right now that it’s painfully clear I have a lot of shit that is neither. It’s obvious now, what with moving looming, that many items of sentimental value–Rogue & Gambit […]

the essential kit

– get superman stuff at lidl – get marshmallow fluff at aldi – get stir fry stuff – decide what color to paint young indy’s room get paint – see what kind of inoffensive small carpet can be had for cheap – call about a shed – pack up my office – and the RPGs […]

Today has been pretty emotionally high-strung. I read this morning that our friend /Frank Darcy, the charming gentleman who ran the last two P-Cons, has gone into hospice and isn’t expected to live much longer at all, after spending most of the last fifteen months fighting stomach cancer. His daughter posted to his journal to […]