nanowrimo is for weenies

Well, I was never gonna get 7500 words done today, and in the end I decided to make it a usual not-writing day because I have 3 writing days coming up and trying to kill myself getting it done today just seemed dumb. So much as I wanted it to be, the book is not […]

I have to revise something. I don’t have to do it now, because it’s not structural for the book, but rather for the series. But the damned book is giving me fits, and I wish to hell it wasn’t. We had a quiet day today, only going to the Citadel again to do some souvenir […]

If this was actually Nanowrimo, I would be THRILLED. Instead, well. At least I think I’m unstuck now. 40035 / 70000 words. 57% done!

I still wasn’t feeling the love on this wretched book, and said so to Ted, and explained where I was in the story. He said, “No, have X show up doing something X isn’t supposed to,” and I stared at him and went and deleted another 3300 damned words, and after a 4K day, I […]

So I got up to work this morning but still wasn’t feeling the love. There are scenes in this book that I suspect are snowstorms, which– –years and years ago, my writing partner Sarah/ and I wrote a book together. I wrote a wonderful snowstorm scene. It was a chapter long. Sarah cut it to […]