It’s been a nice weekend. Kate came up to visit, and I dragged her to see “Rock of Ages”, a film which she had no particular desire to see. Afterward she almost forgave me, except she doesn’t like Tom Cruise and the movie made her like him and that was pretty unforgiveable. :) I have […]

Picoreview: Too long by at least half an hour, but to my astonishment, Kristen Stewart was quite good in it. She emoted! And Chris Hemsworth is dreamy. And Charlize Theron is…well, you know. Charlize Theron. Raar. Some of the effects were very pretty, some of the uses of magic were nicely done to explain a […]

Not that the objects of the subject line have anythign to do with one another, you understand, they’re just both on my mind. The first because I’m listening to Jim Steinman music, and it always makes me want to write a rock & roll fantasy, and then I’m depressed because I can’t imagine actually writing […]

Picoreview: THE HUNGER GAMES : Enjoyed it thoroughly. Going to have to read the books to see if the utterly mystifying world building is better explained. Picoreview: WRATH OF THE TITANS : Dramatic but boring. Also, you want to talk about utterly mystifying: they re-cast Andromeda from a brunette to a blonde, and I didn’t […]

Ted and I just got back from John Carter. I really, really wanted to like this movie, which means I went in with kind of grim expectations, particularly since I’ve only just recently read A PRINCESS OF MARS (which I did in part because I wanted to know just how badly they were about to […]