the essential kit

Picoreview: The Host: A hell of a lot better than Twilight. I mean this in the same way I meant “It didn’t suck!” when I saw the first X-Men movie. I mean, I realize, yes, that Twilight is not a high bar to reach in terms of quality of acting or storytelling, but since that […]

the essential kit

Picoreview: Die Hard 5: ugh. I mean, on one hand, yes, it was a Die Hard movie, what do you expect. But on the other hand, mild spoilers behind the cut.

Beautiful Creatures by Garcia & Stohl

So this is a bit of a Book V Movie: FIGHT! post as much as a review of the book. Or whatever these things I write up are. Reviews seem much more…thoughtful, than what I do. Anyway. I went to see the movie Beautiful Creatures primarily because I like Emmy Rossum (whose part wasn’t large, […]

I can’t quite get used to clicking the ‘home’ button on my browser and having mizkit.com actually come back up again. It makes me happy every time, which is good, because for the first month it was down I couldn’t look at the ad farm without spasming with rage. I amused myself this afternoon while […]