I have finally, after what, nearly two years? read Guy Gavriel Kay’s YSABEL. It’s not my favorite of his books, nor my least favorite, but it was a GGK work, and I am happy. It heartily makes me want to re-read the Fionavar Tapestry, which is inconvenient because I don’t have them here, and it […]

I had sort of sullenly decided I wasn’t going to write today, and that I was going to read a book instead. So I went and looked at the (close to 100) books on the TBR shelf. And then went and wrote 1500 words on my own damned book, because I couldn’t commit to somebody […]

I do not read urban fantasy by choice these days. I’ve written two UF series, and consequently, reading it is way too much like work. I read it when somebody sends me a book and asks me to blurb it, and that’s pretty much it. I generally enjoy them, but there’s almost always a real […]

I saw this over at League of Reluctant Adults and thought what a great way to procrastinate! I think I’ll do one too!: a summary of my TBR list. I’ve gotten mine down to around 40 books, so this isn’t an entirely impossible meme to play around with. (Mind you, I’ve done that by setting […]

I am utterly, but pleasantly, knackered. The weekend, during which I didn’t post at *all*, which is very strange indeed, was very nice. Saturday we watched Doctor Who (Donna is fast becoming my favorite companion, even though I really did love Rose), caught up on Smallville (which, man. I know there’s a lot of popular […]