Today is going to be full of Doing Work That Isn’t Writing. I have a dream that someday I will no longer be behind the 8 ball. (This would no doubt be made easier if I would stop taking on new projects. I spent a good hour on Saturday looking at my shelf of books […]

I just went and looked at the TBR list I posted in May. On May 9th, in fact. I had 35 books on that list. I took 3 off because I decided I wasn’t likely to read them, and I’m down to 13 now, though I also bought at least…seven books while traveling to and […]

I have finally, after what, nearly two years? read Guy Gavriel Kay’s YSABEL. It’s not my favorite of his books, nor my least favorite, but it was a GGK work, and I am happy. It heartily makes me want to re-read the Fionavar Tapestry, which is inconvenient because I don’t have them here, and it […]

I had sort of sullenly decided I wasn’t going to write today, and that I was going to read a book instead. So I went and looked at the (close to 100) books on the TBR shelf. And then went and wrote 1500 words on my own damned book, because I couldn’t commit to somebody […]

I do not read urban fantasy by choice these days. I’ve written two UF series, and consequently, reading it is way too much like work. I read it when somebody sends me a book and asks me to blurb it, and that’s pretty much it. I generally enjoy them, but there’s almost always a real […]