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Having unpacked the books we couldn’t do without, I picked up one of my all-time favorites, David Palmer’s EMERGENCE, to re-read it. As I’ve no doubt said before, re-reading old favorites is fraught with tension, because what if they don’t hold up? EMERGENCE holds up. It holds up in spades. There are some moments of […]

I finished Nicole Peeler’s TEMPEST’S LEGACY yesterday. I got sent the first TEMPEST book as an ARC, didn’t managed to read it until months after the book came out, LOVED it, asked for the second to blurb, missed THAT window too, loved it when I read it, and bought the third one in America and […]

I seem to be suffering from the boringest life ever, in terms of blogging. We have finally all recovered from jet lag (Ted actually suffered the longest, I think, because he has to get up at 5:30 and the Springsteen concert really messed him up). Poor guy. I’ve been writing some and reading quite a […]

1. Mikaela is doing an Old Races: ORIGINS give-away over on her blog! Go check it out! 2. The Disneyland for Deon page has been fixed and now accepts donations again. o.O Remember, I’ll (eventually) be writing a short story as a thank-you for helping Deon get to Disneyland, so if you want access to […]

I’m afraid that, like with FRANKENSTEIN, my reaction to THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU is “Thank God I’ve read that now, because now I never have to read it again.” The two books have more in common than I expected, which is silly, since I know what they’re both about. MOREAU is much more bearable […]