Recent Reads: TOUCH OF POWER

touchofpower_mariasnyder Maria’s one of the other Luna alumni who got picked up at the same time I did. She’s done a kind of splendid shooting star rise, reaching the NYT with first book, and going on to take the YA world by storm since then.

This book might work better for that audience. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it (except a language thing Maria’s chosen to do in all her books which I understand but find jarring), but I was underwhelmed, which leaves me feeling like probably I just wasn’t a good audience for it. There were a few things I liked quite a lot–Avry, the heroine, is a healer who assumes other peoples’ injuries and sickness to heal them, and the way that worked is nice. There are murderous plants, which is always a good touch. There’s a romance that–

–actually, that’s one of my problems with the book, I think. The romantic interest pretty much comes across as a jerk, and I not only never warmed up to him, but I didn’t really believe Avry doing so either. Particularly since there’s a much nicer alternative.

Maria’s got a YA SF thing that I’ll be picking up, but I don’t expect to read any more of this series. Ah well. Can’t like ’em all, even when people you know write them. :)

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2 thoughts on “Recent Reads: TOUCH OF POWER

  1. thanks for your many recommendations on authors. I like your honesty in your reviews, which generally makes me want to read the authors…even if you are not too keen on the books…I’ve found some great new reads through your suggestions!

    1. Oh! Hey, that’s great. I didn’t know if anybody was getting any use out of these. Thanks! <3 And do try Maria's books, even if this particular one wasn't my cup of tea! :)

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