TRUTHSEEKER revisions are turned in. The book is nearly 50 pages longer than it was, and probably still needs another twelve pages added in. I am going to spend the weekend watching movies, reading comics, and possibly catching up on some of my other reading. *tud* July Thinks To Do: – finish TRUTHSEEKER revisions – […]

At more or less the same moment I completed the major TRUTHSEEKER revisions, I also was notified that the fifth and final issue of “Take A Chance” had been completed. Holy beans. Banner day. I’ve actually managed to create a comic book series. I’ve actually managed to get it on the shelves, a whole story […]

…but it wouldn’t be true. I will keep my rants to a minimum, though. Discussion on my earlier post prompted salient commentary elsewhere. Since I went off on a climate change shout-a-thon last week, it seems like I probably ought to link to this petition, encouraging the EPA to support carbon restrictions. It’s my somewhat […]

I reached the part of the book where I can start putting stuff back into TRUTHSEEKER again. The place where I started to do that was, in the original manuscript, page 42. It’s page 85 now. A whole chapter went back in with almost no revisions, which was exciting. I have no idea how this […]

, in comments wrt to Eddings’ death, said, And I can never forget Jim’s speech about the origins of the Codex Alera books: “Because all epic fantasy begins with an orphan on a farm.” Eddings is who I always associated with that. Which is true, and which makes me feel rather sentimental, and also makes […]