For a mere 85 more dollars there will be a new Walker Papers or Old Races short story! The Tuckerization is at $260, the gift basket is at $105! Busy day of revisions ahead of me, as yesterday was a total loss. :p Pilates first, though. *scoots off*

348 page manuscript. Cut 32 pages wholesale. Have probably 50 or so to revise significantly by switching into the heroine’s POV, plus front-loading the story with essentially all-new material (some 30-50 pages of it all told, though not necessarily all in the front). Total expected major revision work, something like 70-100 pages. Minor revisions throughout […]

I was sitting around last night blowing my nose rather more frequently than usual, and suddenly realized that the solid plugged-uppedness of the left nostril was not usual dust/cat dander/whatever sort of stuffiness, and that indeed it was symptomatic of the cold that’s been going around my family. I took some cold medicine and promptly […]

I’ve walked about twenty-three miles in the last 2.5 days. For some reason this morning I was very tired and didn’t feel all that much like swimming. I suspect I’m overdoing it, although I swear I don’t /mean/ to. It’s just that, y’know, I walked to the pool yesterday, and if I leave the house […]

Today I am hiding from the internet, because I want to watch the Oscars tonight without already knowing who won what. Gmail already helpfully let me know who won the best film, but I have managed to not see anything else while checking email, so that’s pretty good. (Oh crap. Ted says the download won’t […]