It always strikes me, when I use that phrase, “I finished a book,” that I usually mean something different than 99% of other people do when they say it. Possibly 99.7%. I, of course, generally mean I finished writing a book, as opposed to reading one. (Although let me tell you, there are times anymore […]

Want to know what I’m doing this year? Or at least, what I’m trying to do? Here. Let me tell you! Publishing MAGIC & MANNERS I’m in the very last stages of getting MAGIC & MANNERS out into the world–the last bits (the ISBN bar code, mostly) are being generated for the cover, it’ll be […]

So I’ve been looking into what’s necessary for submitting self-published books to major review sites (RT, PW, etc) and the answer is primarily “a long lead time.” Several months. Four, for RT, ideally four but 3 is bearable, for PW. Which means if I want to get REDEEMER in for a late October launch, just […]

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at Dysprosium, AKA Eastercon 66, from Friday morning to Sunday evening. My schedule is as such: Friday, 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm: The Ultimate Urban Fantasy Panel Something nasty in your neighbourhood? Everybody wants to go to the big cities, so why not the supernatural? with Charles Stross, Mike Carey, […]

At least, a theoretical end to the media blackout. I should probably carry on with it to a fair degree, because it was pretty successful. I think I got around 40K written in September, maybe as much as 50, including all the synopsizing and stuff I did for the epic proposal. It made a dent, […]