Still wibbling over that coat. I probably won’t buy it, but I put it in my shopping basket so I could pretend, precioussss. (And aww, jeez, they have the beautiful geometry skirt in a blue which, if it is accurately represented, is pretty much my favorite shade. But what the bloody hell would I do […]

Aw, man, that awesome velvet frock coat is on sale and available in my size. Well, if I was a bit thinner it’d be in my size, anyway. *wants*

The swim coach was at the pool today. We ended up…racing is not the right word, not really. Keeping up with each other is more accurate. For about 200 meters. Maybe 300, in which case I swam further than I think I did, but I think it was 200. Anyway, he doesn’t do flip-turns, or […]

What I have learned today: I should just ask Ted do all my shopping for me. He is much, *much* more patient than I am, and does not get frustrated if he doesn’t find exactly the right item in the first three seconds of searching. (I have only once in my life had an ideal […]

It is perhaps not morally superior, what with not going out and supporting the local economy, but *damn* it is nice and efficient to do Christmas shopping on Amazon. *dusts hands* Ted has made truffles. Truly sinful rich chocolately amazing deadly truffles. I ate one. I might not be able to eat more. My gawd. […]