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    all the luggage

    (Note how I carefully did not say “all the baggage.”)

    We have acquired an unusually vast amount of stuff to take home, this trip. We had come prepared with an extra suitcase, but we’ve still ended up borrowing one to bring home. Once we’ve dispersed the loot amongst the family it won’t be so dramatic a haul, but there’s still an Unusually Large amount of stuff this time around. Fewer books than usual, mind you, but still not an insignificant number, and an awful lot of clothes and just…stuff!

    I did get a spiffy new backpack that has a Media Pocket up at the nape (allowing me to put my phone there, so hopefully it won’t get stolen out of the backpack again, sigh), and, having gotten myself a Media Pocket, got myself some headphones so that perhaps someday I will actually start using my phone as a Media Playing Device (to this end I have also actually, y’know, like, downloaded some music onto it, including the inevitable purchase of the GotG soundtrack :)). Although I’m going to also have to get myself an armband or something so I don’t have to actually lug the backpack around any time I want to go for a Walk With Music. But importantly, the inside of the backpack is kind of water resistant, so if I ever swim again it’ll be good for carrying wet towels in! :)

    The Fantasy Fudge Fundraiser has leapt up today. I shall therefore announce that the $5K Walker Papers goal will be my basic fudge recipe, delivered in short story form as Joanne tries to make fudge. (Joanne cannot cook. It practically writes itself!) It will be made available to all backers. :)

    If it cracks the $3750 Sampler Box perk level today I’ll do something else cool storywise with it, and by ‘today’ I probably mean ‘before I pack up the computer to fly away home tomorrow morning’. :)

    Ah. The dryer has stopped, so now I can get, fold and pack the rest of the clothes, save what we’ll be wearing tomorrow…

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    various & sundry

    My sister is having a 1920s themed party and I am almost certain to get outbid on this fabulous dress. :) (Not that I can figure out how we can go anyway, when everyone we know is attending and it’s after Young Indiana’s bedtime, but let’s not think about that just now. :))

    Last week was the 2nd Laydeez Do Comics meet-up in Dublin. It was better-attended than the first and equally interesting. I brought cookies (triple chocolate, or Chocolate Migraine) and wore my red bowler hat, the former of which were appreciated by all and the latter of which was particularly appreciated by our hosts, who had forgotten a hat-substitute to pass the hat for donations. So my hat was enlisted, and to my pure, ridiculous delight, cookies and hat alike were featured by Paul Sheridan, the artist of the evening:


    *delighted* :)

    I got my WeLoveFine Bearclaw necklace! And I also found the one a friend made for me in college, so I post a photo of them both for comparison. I truly kinda love the smaller one more, because hey, it’s all mine, but the necklace joining on the official one is more practical–the loops for the chain are behind each ear, rather than welded in the centre of it. So they each have something going for them.


    ETA: Young Indiana just asked me to put the Bearclaw neckace on, “so we can see what powers it gives you.” Now, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but he’s never said anything like that before. I’d say the kid has a pretty good inherent idea of what constitutes a magic item. :)

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    enabler of blue suede shoes

    My husband is an enabler. I wanted to stop and try on some very cute boot-style blue suede shoes that had low, walkable-in heels and which I was quite sure wouldn’t fit, because wide feet. And they brought me a pair and they weren’t wide enough, of course, and I said oh well and Ted said I should ask if they had them in wides. They were already in D widths so I figured that was as wide as they went, but I asked.

    And they had them in E width, and they fit. So now I have a very cute pair of blue suede shoes!


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    omg busy

    I usually have to be on holiday to be away from the computer this much, yow. Incredibly busy fun weekend with Kate, then the past two days have been mostly at the new house cleaning carpets and things, omg. Mom and I are wrecked, but the house is looking much nicer. And this place was clean, for an Irish rental. All we have to do now is pack and move and unpack and organize and *dies in a pit just thinking about it*

    (Of critical importance: getting shrubbery or something for along the fences, to block them off. Seriously considering raspberry or blackberry bushes for that purpose, if I can find them grown-up enough to make a barrier. Also, a locking mechanism for the front gate, because there is a very busy road outside of it.)

    Thursday I need to go to Lidl for Superman stuff and Aldi for marshmallow fluff. Must remember to do that.

    NatGeo’s wildlife contest photography is just beautiful.

    Interesting article breaking down male vs female leads in current films. Spoiler: it’s mostly men. This may be part of why the one movie I’m really truly looking forward to this year is Catching Fire.

    *blanks* There was some other thing…well, this wasn’t it, but: the coloring book for so-called grown-ups Kickstarter is in its last 48 hours and has barely more than $150 to reach 10x its original goal, which would just be awesome. You want a fantasy art coloring book, don’t you? Or someone you know does, right? :)

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    shopping! and stuff.

    I was obliged to go buy a couple more pinup girl dresses today, due to having a gift certificate that was about to expire. Now I have something to wear to EasterCon. I’ll have to do something about my hair, I expect, but yay fun clothes! :)

    I am even at this very moment failing to watch new Castle. *sigh* I’ve been remembering all week that the first new episode was on tonight, and at the critical moment, I forgot. Woe. We’re recording it when it re-airs tomorrow night, but in the meantime my mom will have seen it FOR A WHOLE DAY before I get to! Woe!

    I took the weekend off from work, after doing 50K in about 8 days. Back at it now, at a somewhat slower rate than expected, but the book has crept over 80K. Which is dismaying, since it needs to be 100K and I’m doing the wrap-up now, but I have a fairly good idea of what I need to go back and fix to bring it up to count. In the meantime, people are shrieking with agony over the end of MOUNTAIN ECHOES, so I guess I’ve done something right.

    Speaking of which, I blew through GLASS HOUSES, the first of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampie books, on Monday. OMG THE END OF THAT BOOK! O.M.G! It doesn’t END, it STOPS MID-SCENE! Practially mid-sentence! So of course I went and shrieked at Rachel about it on Twitter and she howled with glee. :)

    I have, through no intention of my own, gotten quite a lot of extra sleep the past couple of days. I should capitalize on this by going to bed now, instead of staying up all night reloading my Facebook page.

    G’night, then.

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