surrender the manuscript

Gah. I just had a perfectly horrible moment where I looked at the numbers and thought I still had 40,000 words left to write on this book. Then I realized I was subtracting the number of words I’d written this month from the total necessary, rather than subtracting the total words written from the total […]

Arghglgg. 3600 words today, which I thought was enough, but it puts me at 149,900 words for the year! Argh! But Nook’s already shut down, so I guess I’ll just have to break 150K first thing tomorrow and carry on. I did pass the 2/3rds mark, which is nice. And broke 300 pages. Swam a […]

Only (only) 3700 today. The book’s at around 65K, plus another 1400 I wrote the other day and haven’t worked in yet. Might hit 70K tomorrow. Probably will, actually, since I should be able to work this bit in tomorrow, and think I can manage an additional 3K. Have managed as many words so far […]

I think I can write today, but man, my little brain is feeling pretty spongy right now. I have to convince myself to go do my Pilates. I’d been planning to swim today, but I’m more than half afraid that if I do I’ll lose the afternoon’s writing to unconsciousness, despite the word wars. I […]

5150 words today. Two chapters finished. Oh my god. My brain. It is empty. *goes to lie around and blow spit bubbles* ytd wordcount: 138,400