sustainable funding models

Ireland offers bursaries to artists of varying walks of life. Last night I went to a clinic on Writing Your Bursary, which had some interesting information, like, they had €867K worth of applicants last year and were able to fund about €80K’s worth of them. o.O I’m not clear on whether that was for the […]

First, before I start nattering about my own nebulous projects, lemme point you at three (3!) excellent Kickstarters that are currently running: 1. Lawrence Watt-Evans offers up delicious steampunky pulp! with illustrations! in TOM DERRINGER AND THE ALUMINUM AIRSHIP! 2. Ellen Million is running a second fantasy coloring books for so-called grown-ups, with a wide […]

So I’ve been reading Conan! What is best for Patreon? and Ursula’s blog post & ensuing comments about Patreon, and talking to friends about my Patreon project and thinking about long games and all kinds of things. I’ve been thinking of Patreon too much like Kickstarter, really. Too short-term large-goal oriented, whereas I think the […]

So we’re doing prety well with the MAGIC & MANNERS Patreon project, having worked our way up to $144 commited toward new chapters in the past ten days or so. To reiterate how it works: you, the patron, pledge to donate whatever small amount you wish toward a new chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS–$.25, $.50, […]

So I logged into the war room after launching the MAGIC & MANNERS Patreon project and got hit with a bunch of suggestions on how to improve the page, which I’ll be doing, but one of them was “more explaining about how the funding works”, so I’ll do that in a blog post. So. Funding […]