the pretender’s crown

I have just received two early copies of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. It is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, absolutely beautiful. In fact, it’s so pretty it makes me want to re-read it, which isn’t all that usual. :) So! I have two copies. One must go on my Shelf Of Books I Wrote, but the other, […]

Ok, this is like the sixth time this meme has turned up on my flist when THE PRETENDER’S CROWN was the closest book to hand, and so I am finally going to give in and play: Grab the book nearest you. Right now. Turn to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. Post that sentence along […]

I turned the PRETENDER’S CROWN revisions in about 90 minutes ago. The manuscript came in at 684 pages, which means…/bigferret came in closest with a guess of 671 pages. If you want to email me your snailmail address, sometime in April (hopefully) I’ll send you a copy of the book. :) I’m taking tomorrow off, […]

Off to an earlier start today. I have a whiny kitty on my lap (well, now he’s purring; he was whining earlier), and I need breakfast, but I want to get one chapter done before I eat. Mind you, this will be ‘breakfast’ at 11:15am. It’s not exactly an *early* start. Just much earlier than […]

Aaaah, jeez. I am not off to a great start this morningtoday. It’s a quarter after one and I’ve only just sat down to work. The morning consisted of getting up to go for a walk, drowsing on the couch for 20 minutes, finally going for a slooooow walk, coming home for breakfast and to […]