the pretender’s crown

After a very frustrating day of sitting there doing nothing, as related on Magical Words, I managed to shake off some of my stupor and get 2200 words written. I finished this wretched chapter, which more or less shoves everybody into at least the same geographical area, and leaves me with nothing more to do […]

7400 words today. I should go re-sign-up for Novel in 90, which I totally flamed out on when I hurt my hand (otoh (heh), I in fact blew away the 67,500 word expectation with my 119.1K in the first 3 months of the year), but quantum willing and the creek don’t rise (and if I […]

I have a bunch of P-Con stories I want to tell, but I need to get away from the computer, and I fear that by the time I’m willing to come back and blog a lot I’ll have forgotten them. That, though, is a price I may be forced to pay, because I don’t want […]

When I reached 5K today and added up my wordcount for the week, I discovered that with one thing and another, I had written 28,907 words since Sunday. 28,907 is awfully close to a nice round 30,000. And it was slightly before 5pm. “Shit,” I said, and went and wrote another 1100 words so that […]

Today’s early start meant I finished my 5K before 6pm. If I had been a Truly Swell Person, I would’ve charged along and continued to write until 6, but I’m just not that good a person. At all. But I am 4/5ths of the way through my Writing Blitz week, and tomorrow’s 5K will finish […]