walker papers

Yesterday was utterly useless. Today I decided I needed to focus on either revisions or writing, and given that revisions will pay me sooner, I worked on revisions today. o.O I’m actually about halfway through the WALKING DEAD manuscript now, so it’s going pretty well, although it’s in the last quarter that my editor thinks […]

I am back from London, and for the end of Fiction Week, I present to you a Walker Papers short story to tide you over until book four’s release next fall. :)

A while ago I sold my short story “Them Shoes” to Subterranean Press, and it is now up in their Summer magazine! I’m all pleased. :) I haven’t been able to figure out how to start the 5th Walker Papers, despite several attempts. I complained of this last night. Ted said, “Start with a (extremely […]

Has anybody been to the Space Needle recently? Does the tour guide still tell you that it’s height it something around 2000 Mars bars set end to end? Does anybody know the exact number? Yes, really, this *is* an important Seattle question… :) Okay. CAULDRON, whatever its title ends up being, has been delivered unto […]

I have just wrapped up CAULDRON BORNE (or whatever it’s going to be called) at an unusually short 103,000 words. This is the first time I’ve ever had a book come in short (the Walker Papers are supposed to be 110K), but it’ll no doubt grow a bit in revisions, and perhaps it coming in […]