walker papers

I got up a couple minutes after 7 and wandered in to my office to start writing. Felt drowsy and considered going back to bed. Then the garbage men came and I had to run and put the garbage out, and then I thought, well, maybe I just need some fuel, so I had breakfast […]

*laughs* Oh my God. I just found what must have been *very* close to the original first character sketch/getting the feeling thing for the Walker Papers. It’s about 800 words long, and it’s *awful*. oh my *God* it’s bad. *howls with laughter* Yeah, oh my God, created April 17, 2000, at 6:01pm. Oh my God. […]

I rewrote two half-chapters and think I’ve gotten the book back on track. The next few chapters will be all-new, with lots of action and a character who hasn’t been seen in a while (nevermind that nobody from the Walker Papers has been seen in a while, since it’s TWO YEARS since I’ve written one!), […]

I hate this part of writing a book. I’ve screwed up. The point at which I’ve screwed up is pretty clear to me, and a fair distance back now. Most of what I’ve written can (probably) be used anyway, at least in concept. I just have to get stuff rewritten back there and rearrange everything. […]

Ok, I’ve set up a flickr photostream for my Project365. Doing this might even get me posting at kitsnaps () again, which is nice. I’ll probably only update once a week for a while (maybe for always) since I’ll be largely offline the next few weeks, but that should be okay as long as I […]