web design

Thanks to , I have discovered Readability, which is a handy little toolbar widget that allows you to, with the click of a button, render text content into a size, font and margin-setting that you find comfortable to read. I don’t know when I became a cranky internet fogey (actually, anybody who’s been online as […]

I am, as I have mentioned, redesigning cemurphy.net. I’ve got it nearly done, but I thought I’d put up random quotes from my books as part of the design. So here’s where I need your help: anybody who wants to give me a favorite quote from one of my books (you can cite page and […]

I just went and looked at the TBR list I posted in May. On May 9th, in fact. I had 35 books on that list. I took 3 off because I decided I wasn’t likely to read them, and I’m down to 13 now, though I also bought at least…seven books while traveling to and […]